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Des Moines Affordable Housing
Des Moines could launch an 'affordable forever' home network (December 19, 2022, AXIOS Des Moines
COVID-19 Pandemic
Change needed in job training, development in new pandemic workforce (July 24, 2020, Business Record) [pdf]
Group seeks solutions for Iowans struggling to file for unemployment
 (April 20,2020, Iowa Capital Dispatch) [pdf]

Des Moines Sales Tax
Vote YES for Measure and Des Moines' Future (February 26, 2019, Des Moines Register[pdf]
Des Moines Metro Voters Weigh 1-cent Sales Tax, Promise of Lower Property Taxes (March 2, 2019 Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Des Moines voters should support the local-option sales tax on March 5 (March 5, 2019, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Group Pushes Des Moines to Use Sales Tax Money to Extend Library Hours (October 26, 2018, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Des Moines will vote on sales tax increase in March (December 14, 2018, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Local option sales tax planned for March 5 vote in Des Moines (December 18, 2018, Business Record) [pdf]
Des Moines Weighs in on March 5 Local Option Sales Tax Vote WHO TV [pdf]
One-cent sales tax increase could fund 'blitz on blight' (December 17, 2018, KCCI TV​) [pdf]

Ankeny Flood Damage
'We feel like sitting ducks:' Ankeny residents want answers after repeated sewage backups (November 15, 2018, ​Des Moines Register)

​Healthcare and Mental Health
New Mental Health Resources Coming for Children in Polk County (June 14, 2021, Des Moines Register)  [pdf]
Lawmakers, please don't lose momentum on mental health (May 21, 2020, Iowa Capital Dispatch) [pdf]
New mental health law is a win for Iowa-but where's the money to pay for it? (May 1, 2019, Des Moines Register)
Ames PD mental health advocate declares 'mental health crisis' (November 9, 2017, Iowa State Daily) [pdf]
Let counties spend more on mental health, advocates ask legislators (April 5, 2017, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Stop underfunding of mental health (April 4, 2017, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Bipartisan mental health coalition helps to tackle funding disparities (January 11, 2017, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Stand up for mental healthcare (November 8, 2016, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Ames clinic awarded funding (September 15, 2013, Ames Tribune)

Ames and Story County Affordable Housing
Reducing Violence in Des Moines Public Schools (April 4, 2022, Axios Des Moines)
Editorial: Common sense prevails on punishing juveniles (July 13, 2016, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
AMOS helps juvenile offenders keep a clean record (May 13, 2016, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Black Iowans feel profiled by police (August 15, 2015, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Does racial profiling exist in Des Moines? (February 26, 2015, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Polk County makes progress on juvenile justice (December 19, 2014, Des Moines Register by The Rev. Dr. Brigitte Black and The Rev. Denny Coon) [pdf]
AMOS meeting focuses on racial profiling (August 24, 2014, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Patchwork system leaves inconsistent options for juvenile offenders (November 2, 2013, Des Moines Register)
Polk County court petitions, detentions increase despite drop in violations (November 2, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Des Moines Groups Target Racial Profiling (October 1, 2013, Iowa Public Radio) [pdf]
Groups working to document Iowa racial profiling (October 1, 2013, KCCI News) [pdf]
AMOS letter to Polk County supervisors (August 9, 2013) [pdf]
Polk County hires juvenile attorneys (July 31, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Letter to the editor: Why do we need two more juvenile prosecutors? (July 29, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Letter to the editor: Community forums needed on justice issues (July 3, 2013, Des Moines Register)
Letter to the editor: Two tragic deaths illustrate this differing treatment (July 2, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Grant to Iowa will aid juvenile justice efforts (July 2, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Iowa View: Troubling changes in Polk County justice (June 16, 2013, Des Moines Register by The Rev. Dr. Brigitte Black and The Rev. Denny Coon) [pdf]
Iowa View: More options are needed for kids who get in trouble (April 8, 2013, Des Moines Register by William Cotton) [pdf]
Editorial: Court watch program puts citizen eyes on courts (January 24, 2013, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Iowa View: Court watchers help keep eye on justice (January 5, 2013, Des Moines Register by Fred Van Liew) [pdf]

May 2013 Juvenile Justice Report by the CJJP [pdf]
Workforce Development
The struggle to help people find better jobs (October 31, 2015, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
​Giving people purpose and success: Project Iowa interview (September 3, 2015) [pdf]
​Project Iowa: How a job can change a life (August 8, 2015, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Year of success in training program (April 24, 2013, Des Moines Register by Pat Johnson) [pdf]
Iowa View: This "village" is helping the underemployed (April 8, 2013, Des Moines Register by The Rev. Denny Coon) [pdf]

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DART adds shuttle service to isolated apartments that are home to refugee families (January 11, 2018, Des Moines Register)

Infrastructure Improvements
Des Moines regional skate park is becoming 'a reality' (April 4, 2018, Des Moines Register) [pdf]
Des Moines skate park to break ground in 2016 (January 12, 2016, Des Moines Register) [pdf]